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LCD Value-Added Service

LCD Kits Supply


-----Supply all kind of Controller board including ARM board, CPU board and A/D board

-----Supply Inverter and LED driver

-----Supply Power Board

-----Supply LVDS cable and all kind of power cable 


VHB LCDs=Sunlight Readable LCDs

LED BLU Enhancement , This technology can create an amazing brightness to 2500 Nits , no more power consumption, no more heat created ,long working life by LED backlight .


Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding affixes a ARAG glass directly onto LCD and eliminates the air gap between, in order to reduce the reflectance to as low as 0.2%, and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

-----Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness !


Touch Integration

The Touch have be totally bonding onto the front of LCD  by optical adhensive , no air gap no buble between them .

-----Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness !


EMI Shielding Windows

Via Optical Bonding Technology to add EMI Shielding Window , Speically designed for military, defence application !

-----0Db EMI Sheilding Effective

-----96"  Visibae Lightting Transmission


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