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LCD-Sell Assistance Service

LCD-Sell Assistance : Excess Management

LCD with high value, short life cycle, demanding warehousing, excess risks. WWW.LCDHUB.COM provide you with professional sell assistance and buy your excess to avoid excess to bring you the cost of capital and management pressure. 

Liquidation Service:

When the excess to generate cash flow pressure you, we will buy your excess for your grief.;

Virtual Excess Marketing Service :

The system automatically queries the historical transaction analysis LCD buyers, and actively promote your LCD Excess; 

End-user purchases plan automatically match with OEM/ODM Excess! 


Note: This service is only for LCD manufacturers, end users, OEM / ODM / EMS and our long-term trade partner. 

No sincerity, do not disturb !


If you have excess for LCD , please contact us be freely .

eMAIL:   Sell your excess, We buy excess !



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